These are the perfect

on-the-go companion!


The Earth Keeper's 

Cup & Bottle


SoL glass is hand blown, chemical and plastic free. 

Features Include:

  • Light weight, spill free silicone lid

  • Dishwasher & microwave safe

  • Hot & cold friendly


50 billion coffee cups lined with polyethylene are wasted each year in the USA.

Are you ready to go OneLess?

Single-use plastic bottle production pollutes the environment and they release harmful toxins as they photodegrade into our ecosystem for up to 1,000 years.

Make the switch with this easy everyday replacement!


The Bali Straw

Handmade by a group of women at the

Bali Life Street Kids Centre in Northern Bali

Join the Stop Sucking movement! 

This bamboo is naturally grown, cut, cleaned with water and dried naturally under the sun. 

These straws are not fumigated or treated with pesticides. 


Gentle on teeth!

No plastic packaging.