We do not promote unnecessary shopping.  Therefore, as you might be wondering, we do not use email marketing for that reason. When you need something, you'll find us.  So we steer clear from your inbox, yes, but if you follow us on social media you just might find unique deals and seasonal sales!

Earthkeepers Sustainability Market is newly founded in 2018.

There has never been a more important time to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, conscious shopping, and eco-businesses.  

Please contact Earthkeepers with your queries. We would absolutely love to hear from you.


So, you love us?  WELL WE LOVE YOU TOO!

Sustainability is real and it's doable. Earth friendly products are for everyone, and so many people are becoming more mindful.  Whether its at the small market or village cafe/pub, investing in sustainable products for your business will be a smart move.  Mindful people are voting with their dollars to support eco businesses.

Businesses make exponentially more of an impact than an individual. Are you a business that wants to offer sustainable products?  Contact us directly today.

It is our biggest passion to help you shift into an eco-business.  We can do it together when we provide you with our resources that are extremely innovative and cost effective.

We offer Buying in Bulk on some occasions.

Our margins are low to keep them affordable for everyone but can create special package pricing for your unique event or business plan.  Send us your request and more information will gladly be provided for you.

Thank you!


Your privacy is of the highest importance to us.

You may pay with Paypal or any major credit card.

Stripe keeps your payment information secure and Earth Keepers never receives your secured information.

As part of our customer service, you may be contacted by us after your purchase was completed successfully to keep you informed about your items before their arrival at your door.

Your order information and contact information will remain only with Earth Keepers and will be protected from any other party.


Secure Shopping

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All major Credit & Debit Cards are accepted


All orders are charged exact, actual shipping.

If for any reason shipping is inaccurately under-priced, we will cover the difference.

If you overpay for shipping, however, (because of our finicky automatic service) we will leave the balance in cash inside your package!

Shipping Procedure

We will personally review your order and package your items for safe delivery. 

Products are shipped using the USPS. 

Shipping Speed

We process and ship orders as they come in.  Because we are so small, even though we will do our very best to deliver promptly, please allow up to two weeks.

Delivery times vary depending upon your items and shipping location.

You're more than welcome to inquire about your delivery. 

Please know we do our best and hope for your patience and understanding!


 Buy with confidence.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied please return the merchandise and we will gladly replace it, or if you prefer, issue credit.

Each item is unconditionally guaranteed against breakage.

Should you ever experience a problem, just contact us right away.

We ask that you make arrangements for a return or exchange within the same week you received your item. 

Please remember, it must be un-used and insured when sent to us.

Thank you for your loyalty!