Signature Caribbean String Bracelet

Signature Caribbean String Bracelet


Ethically & sustainably sourced Caribbean Conch Shell adjustable bracelet on a sealed cotton cord

Friendship bracelets, family bracelets, wish bracelet, or showing your support for a cause, these made to order bracelets premiering from our up and coming wearable nature line will bring smiles while exuding simplicity and an island vibe. 

Please take the next moment to customize yours. 

Support the NONPROFIT of your choice!

Plastic Oceans, the Dolphin Project, or Farm Animal Sanctuary. 


While these are adjustable, we dont want too much excess string. In fully extended position it should slide over your knuckles and then tighten around your wrist.  As we all come in different sizes, please measure or estimate that length for you in inches rounding up.


Pick one for your string color: Natural Tan - Natural Light - Natural Brown - Auburn Red - Bright White - Bright Red - Light Green - Teal - Ocean Blue - Dark Blue. 

Colors bring an exciting energy or a natural blending into your presence.  The cords all expand into a gentle braid once they are worn in a bit. 

*some shells from the Conch are more pink, some are more neutral. You can request a variation if you'd like!


Knots on the side of the shell to hold it in place, or free flowing cord? See pictures for demonstrations of both. 


Default choice if no specifications are included with your purchase will be an extra large natural tan cord with no knots. You may adjust the cord size easily at home!