Glass Sip Straw

Glass Sip Straw


Enhance the everyday act of taking in your hydration (hey, or dehydration!) and indulge with these gorgeous eco glass straws. They are a work of art, afterall! Handblown by an American artist.


Our glass straws are 100% sustainable and pure, just fire glazed to ensure comfortable glide. Made of borosilicate glass and kiln-annealed for strength and durability, they are dishwasher safe, BPA free, and hypoallergenic. Great for hot or cold beverages and the environment!

*They are not fragile - very durable but, like any glass item, need to be used in a safe manner. Not intended for young children.



9mm outside diameter 


Default color is our most loved - Teal! Preferential colors are available. Just leave a note on the purchase page with your request and we will do our best to accomodate when stock permits.  On that rare occassion we don't have your pick, please specify if you'd prefer to wait up to one week until your color is in stock. 

Choices: Cobalt Blue, pink, green, teal, amber, amethyst, clear, smokey gray, deep black.


NOTE: cocktails and to-go lid friendly.

*cocktail straws (shorter in length, 6 inches) are only available in bulk. 

If interested please contact us directly with your request.