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The World Peace Diet

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The World Peace Diet
Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony
10th Anniversary Edition - 2016

360 pages, includes index - $20 
(Trade paperback, recycled paper & soy-based ink-

Signed by the author, with free Living in Harmony CD)

PDF file of the entire book, including endnotes, resources, and index, sent via email, is $12.00

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What makes a global citizen? Not just awareness of different cultures and lifestyles around the world, but also empathy for everyone, everywhere!  This collection of books nurtures compassion and education to form a powerful tool for raising citizens of the world. 

Discover your new favorite books to build little ones' social-emotional skills!  Learn about sustainability, witness our interconnectedness, and embrace our diversity.  Giggle your way through conflict resolution, overcome challenges through perseverance and teamwork, and celebrate the simple joys of friendship.  


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