Blessings from the North Shores

EK founder Samantha J Pomeranz

Caribbean island girl, artist & shell collector 




Bring the Aloha Spirit with you everywhere you are!

This line of jewelry is made with Authentic Seashells from the world's spectacular northside shorelines.  Wearing them naturally connects you to that special place in your heart no matter where you roam!

We are all Earth Keepers.

At Earthkeepers, we believe in sustainable business practices and incorporating love back into the connection of our species to all others, the land, and the sea. 

Our profits are managed with this mission at the forefront. We actively support local and global efforts that help create a healthier, more aware, and more peaceful home planet.  The majority of our profits go directly to these involvements.  This is what we are here to do! 

Stay tuned as we track our mission's impact.



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Ethically & Sustainably sourced Caribbean Conch Shell adjustable bracelet on a sealed cotton cord
Signature Caribbean String Bracelet
Proceeds go to these nonprofits. 
Pick one at checkout.
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"Serving our oceans and the public to end plastic pollution"

"Serving our oceans and the public to end plastic pollution"

From Texas Beef Cattle Ranch to a Farm Animal Sanctuary. The first conversion of it's kind in the world.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary helps other Ranchers confidently move away from the cruelty model of animal agriculture to other viable farming and business practices;
 while rescuing all farm animals bound for slaughter houses across the country.
"Our purpose is to open all hearts, minds and souls to a vegan and plant based lifestyle, the horrors of factory farming, and the devastating impact of animal agriculture on the environment."
Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project supports the successful readaptation of captive dolphins to the wild and works to close Dolphin captivity facilities. Visit the site to see a list of successfully closed facilities. Your donation also helps their campaigns that raise awareness to the brutal mass slaughter of Dolphins and mammal exploitation in Taiji Japan, the Solomon Islands, and Indonesia. 

More shell styles

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